Beauty connects the world

Flowers from more than 10 countries around the world
From Munakata City, Fukuoka to all over Japan

We are a trading company specializing in imported flowers

Utilizing know-how originally as a farmer, we established this company, which specialized in trading imported flowers in 2000. By making direct partnerships with farms in more than 10 countries around the world, we can provide unique quality control technology. That keeps the beautiful appearance of the flowers, and we sell them as is to the fresh flower market in Japan.

Real beauty as-is
The charm of the world’s flowers to you

Roots, stems, leaves, and flowers
All are attractive elements of plants.
By studying, growing, and developing the smallest components of flowers
We deliver their original beauty to everyone.
We deliver their original beauty to you.

With faith in our quality and confidence

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from the CEO

“Sowing seeds and Growing them”
Flowers and Companies are the same.

What hasn’t changed since we started this company: “Absolute commitment to the quality of our products”.
Taking advantage of our experience and know-how as a producer, we have been focusing on “Creating what people want” rather than “Searching for products that sell well” by collaborating with farms in various countries. This faith in product quality is our strength. And this is the splendid root that has kept the company growing. Our passion for quality never changes. We will keep creating what people want, and want to spread “beauty” to the world.
CEO Isao Haruta

代表取締役 春田 功 の写真
代表取締役 春田 功 の写真


Company name HARUTA FLOWER Co., Ltd
CEO Isao Haruta
Established 2000 June
Capital fund 13,000,000
Business description Importing flowers and wholesale
Annual sales 4,290,000,000
Location 1951 Fujiwara, Munakata City, Fukuoka
Telephone +81(0)940-33-1035
Fax +81(0)940-32-6642



This is beauty that “connects the world”

We bring to you flowers from the world with confidence.




The carnation's flower meaning is “Innocent and deep love“. In addition, there are flower meanings for each color, such as “pure love” for white, “beautiful gesture“ for pink, and “pride and elegance“ for purple. And the best known is “Love for mother“ for the red carnation.

Born in South America and nurtured in a stable climate throughout the year. Dressed in vibrant colors, it dances with Latin rhythm. It is grown restrainedly and cheerfully with our unique technology and rich land. Because of its beauty, it grabs the heart of the people and makes them want to “see it again”. That is Haruta's carnation.



Chrysanthemums are strongly associated with “Japan” because they are often seen in Japanese history, such as family crests and emblems, but in fact, they originally came from overseas. In Europe, chrysanthemums are called “mums“ and are commonly used in Mother's Day bouquets and wedding decorations.

The spray mums are cultivated under strict quality control at our exclusive farm in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. After collecting the flowers, we always focus on maintaining freshness by controlling temperature until the flowers are delivered to customers in Japan. We also handle many dyed mums using safe Japanese dyes.



The flower meaning is “selfish beauty“. Because of its overwhelming beauty, it was expressed as “selfish”. It is said that the beautiful appearance that blooms many flowers on the flexible stems has been loved by many people for a long time.

Dendrobium phalaenopsis, commonly known as the Cooktown orchid, is a type of orchid that thrives in regions with temperate climate. Our orchids are carefully raised on farms in Thailand. We deliver a wide variety of fresh orchids from one of the best farms. “Dendrobium phalaenopsis“ adds color to various spaces such as rooms, offices, and shops. We offer a lifestyle with flowers to you.



The Japanese name “kochoran“ comes from its large, round flowers that resemble butterflies. On the other hand, both the scientific name and the English name mean “flowers resembling moths“. Kochoran is an attractive name that includes tasteful Japanese sense. It is also known as a long-lived flower, lasting 50 years if nurtured with good care.

The phalaenopsis orchid attracts people with its dignified appearance. It is a flower that is often given in celebration because of the flower meaning “happiness will fly to you“. Haruta's phalaenopsis orchid comes from Asia, such as Taiwan and China. Our high quality, long lasting orchids in a wide variety of colors meet various requests. The phalaenopsis orchid will enfold you with its undoubted beauty. Feel that “happiness“ with your hands.



Roses are often shown in scenes from romantic movies. In fact, it is a rare flower whose flower meaning changes depending on their quantity. For example, a single rose is “love at first sight“, 50 roses is “eternity“, and 108 roses is a “marriage proposal“. Roses are full of charm in the language of flowers.

Our roses come from Colombia and Ecuador in South America and Ethiopia in Africa after a long journey. They look delicate at first glance, but are actually very strong. You will be fascinated with our high quality that maintains their powerful color and a wide range of varieties, standards, and price ranges. Make your lifestyle colorful with roses. We deliver individuality, presence, and rich fragrance.


Refreshing green leaf letters have arrived from everlasting summer countries, Malaysia and Thailand. We have a wide variety of foliage such as Polyscias, which perfectly decorate bridal ceremonies and Dracaena, which are indispensable for ceremonial occasions, so please feel free to contact us. Would you like to add a touch of bright green to create a special time spent with your loved ones?



The Royal Red shown in the picture is actually dealt only by Haruta Flower. New varieties of Hypericum will be released one after another in the future. This item is still under development, so please keep your eyes open on its growth.

Our Hypericum comes from Ethiopia in eastern Africa. It grows vigorously in highland farms at an altitude of over 2,000 m. The fruit are brightly colored, smooth, and very shiny. We deliver such Hypericum from a vibrant land surrounded by mountains.